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Dental Anxiety Explained

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The Importance of Perinatal Oral Health

Original Video:   Jennifer: Healthy babies, and we are delighted to bring this presentation to you today on the importance of perinatal oral health.  We have a fabulous panel, and we have a very packed agenda.  So, I am going to move rather quickly and let our speaker present, to let them present their […]


College of Surgeons San Diego Inspiring Quality Forum P7

  Dr. Eastman: Should this become, Ralph, let’s talk about it here.  I know Sharp is represented here today.  One of the leaders in quality in this community for a long time, have a quality event.  A week from this morning, Scripps is having its fifth annual quality summit, and I would invite all of […]


College of Surgeons San Diego Inspiring Quality Forum P6

Because we’re in a rapidly evolving environment in healthcare, it’s a little bit of a struggle to keep up with the various aspects of how we’re moving forward with quality and the deal with affordability issues as well.  I think it really comes down to how we build a system of the future, how we […]


Dr. Daniel Vinograd Moves From Alpha Dental To Posh New Location

If you’ve been to see Dr. Daniel Vinograd, San Diego’s experienced and dedicated holistic dentist, there’s something you need to know: He’s moved from Alpha Dental to a beautiful new facility called Brighton Gentle Dental, located at 10450 Friars Road, Suite G in San Diego. At the new place you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities, beautiful surroundings […]


College of Surgeons San Diego Inspiring Quality Forum P5

Dr. Schumacher: Hi.  I’m Mark Schumacher.  I’m a general surgeon and the physician director of the patient services at San Diego.  I want to expand on something that Dr. Kobelja touched on at the end of this talk.  That has to do with institutional culture.  Kaiser is a big support of NSQIP, but ultimately, the […]

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