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Developing a Paperless Practice P3

Here’s a mother key thing we don’t really seeing a lot of practise management programs. The ability to post treatment and payments per procedure. One of the things we hear a lot  of  offices is  that they  have associates  and they find  it  just almost  impossible  with their  software  to be able to handle those […]


Developing a Paperless Practice P2

Don’t put the chart before the horse. I’m going to give you the next  slide,  basically the game plan or  a treatment plan of  how you  should  go about  going chartless. The mistake that we see a lot of offices do is that as dentist we like things that we can touch and feel and […]


Developing a Paperless Practice

see the vide0: Dr Lavine: People are joining us right now but we are already a few minutes after 5:00. So thank you, welcome everyone. A pleasure to have everyone here on the webinar. As of this morning we had 276 people register for  this webinar and close to half of  you are  already here so  thank […]


The Importance of Perinatal Oral Health P6

Provide a relaxed, unhurried attention to the patient, a sense that you have time for her.  Talk about concerns and procedures before beginning the procedure.  Give her as much control and choice as possible about what happens and when.  Validate and concerns she might have as understandable and normal. Now, I know that this is […]

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