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Developing a Paperless Practice P7

SHERYL: For Ortho? Dr Lavine:  Yes. SHERYL: For Ortho contract filling or…. Dr Lavine:  Yes for imaging. SHERYL: We penetrate orphan. Really any ortho imaging software that we can integrate with but for Ortha contracts and these other thing it’s already build in the software. Dr Lavine:  Perfect. Thank you for that. I think I […]


Developing a Paperless Practice P6

Really  every chart is different so what I recommend  if you are trying to figure out well how do I go chartless it’s  really not that hard. Go through your chart and take a list of every single system you got there. You’ve got your progress notes, your referral slips and patient in take forms. Less […]


Developing a Paperless Practice P5

So a lot of reason why you should consider going chartless. The way that most of these systems work and in your practise management software you can clock on a little button and it’s going to take you right into the software and it will have. Of course you can customise it anyway you want […]


Developing a Paperless Practice P4

As i mentioned a number of nice brochures and hand outs that you give to the patients as well. That’s Florida Pro system. Not an inexpensive system. You are looking at somewhere around $5,500 or so for single user system that’s going to be the hardware and the software and training and all of that. […]

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