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As i mentioned a number of nice brochures and hand outs that you give to the patients as well. That’s Florida Pro system. Not an inexpensive system. You are looking at somewhere around $5,500 or so for single user system that’s going to be the hardware and the software and training and all of that. By the way the numbers that I am quoting here are retail prices. Usually companies like mine and other out there can probably get a better pricing. Around $5,500 for everything. I think that about $2,500 per operatory beyond that if you want   to do multiple operatory .Really nice system.  Not inexpensive.

What about patient education software? I think that’s really a great thing for people to be using. There is number of good systems out there. Most of you are probably familiar with Casey. Casey is the E hundred pound gorilla of patient education software. Unfortunately its $8000 patient education software. There are number of alternatives out there that are prices about third or a quarter of what Casey charge. There is nothing wrong with Casey, ‘m not trying to know them anyway. I just find that a number of offices that we work with say that we are looking for a little better   value for proposition or some think like this. One of the ones that I have recommend for lot of offices is called or sphere. You may have heard that it’s under a new name. Well i think they still sell the Orisphere but also Curbdental is now offering tips for free, it’s called Curb Ed. It’s completely free. It’s the exact software. I think its You can get more information about that. The Orisphere is the one that we have recommended for a lot of offices, very similar to what you would see with most patient education software’s. A series of libraries that you can stream together in a  playlist  For example if your want to show  patients something like an implant placement versus implant restoration that could be to a CD  or  DVD  to  take how with them. All the things that you would expect from modern software. Just to show you some their slides.  Really good graphics.

This is a thing we hear from some of our offices they don’t want to show patients anatomical things. For example something like an implant a verb going into the bone. They think that patients are going to be freaked out by it. I think you just have to gage with you patients. Some of them are not going to be comfortable with it and some of them couldn’t care less. So gage with your patients. The other thing with patients education software is that I always recommend to use it with a staff member hit a dentist chair site. Sticking that patient in chair and just having them listen to a little movie and then coming back and talking to them is a mistake. You have  to keep  in mind that the patient  is usually  not there to buy procedure, they are  there to  buy you  or  accurately  the  confidence that you can perform that  for them. So do a chair site don’t use the patient education software as a crotch. Again there are some of the slides that you would normally see with the Orisphere, they’ve got Cirac and all the latest and greatest stuff. Showing pocketing and build up. Again all the things that you would typically expect to see with   patient education software system. One that we have recommended for a number of offices is one that is called except. This is developed by a periodontist in Florida. What’s  unique  about  the Except system is that most  of the patient  education  software or programs  out there  is showing  you somebody wales  teeth , the patient  may  have a  little trouble  relating to  and  in my mind probably one of the most  effective ways that you can educate patient  is when  it  is   with their  own  images. So to call except a patient education software may be a bit of a miss nomer. I think it’s more accurate to call it a treatment playing software. So what i you want to be able to do is to take something like this where got the diasima, the central, and the latels could use a bit of crown lengthening. The cans can use a little tissue coverage there, perhaps cover things up. Ideally and under five minutes because truthfully I know the way dentist are. Its goings take  us more than 5 minutes we are  probably not  going to do  I but you can very easily simulate the  constitution graphs   on 6 and 11 or  Canadian  people  and 1-3 and 2-3,  crown lengthening  on the laterals, closing  up the black triangle with [Inaudible]and  of course doing some  whitening .

One [Inaudible] software like this. Be really sure that you can produce into his mouth what you are showing them in the screen. Usually they are going to want you to print this out for them, they are going to want to take it home and discuss with their response. When they come back  into that procedure  your know darn well that  they  probably have that with them  so what I always recommend doing is under promise and over deliver  and that way you’re going be a hero  in their eyes. For example don’t show them chicklet on the screen off you don’t know if product that. Show them maybe one or two shades lighter what they’ve got that way when you produces something better than they thought then you’re going to look golden in their eyes.

You can also do things with this program like numbering things or draining where are, showing how important would function. This is a really nice programs. I can’t give an example of what the cost is. Somewhere around $3000 give or take it.  We work with a number of companies using that one as well.

Confirmation and surveys. This is as I said a really hot area right now. I’m not sure if the market is really support  all the different ones that are out there but  Viewpoint want the first  one out there,  Smile Reminders is one that is  popular as well. My favourite one is one called the Man force. We installed it in a ton of offices. They are available in Canada and the US. Really great company, great product. There’s a lot of things that it can do. It was basically built initially as a way for confirming appointments but they went a lot beyond that. For example  lets say that you want to send out an  email  to every patient  that not  been in within  the last 6 months, offer them  some type of discount  on whitening or some kind of deal like that. The software does that automatically for you, just say go ahead and find everybody who hasn’t been in 6 months and send it automatically. You can track all this stuff which is critical because you want to know if it’s effective.

One of the things that i like about the Demand Force software is that they guarantee at least 3-1 return on investment or it’s free the next month. Most of these programs they cost somewhere around $200- $300 per month. So the  Demand Force is basically saying we can  track all this  stuff for  you  , you’re  going o see at least  $900  per month  in increased revenue or you  don’t pay within  the next  month . I am not aware of any other software program that does something like that. The core of the program  is that it sends out the confirmation  for the patient,  they click on that little confirm button that’s going to go back to the  dashboard that  the office manager has on their  screen  where you can keep a  running  total of whose coming in and who  is to be confirmed.

The other next  thing that they have  are these  surveys where you can customize this and  send the  survey out to  the patients after they have been into the office, try  to get  feedback  from hem and how you can a prove . Another really critical reason why I think the resurveys are important. This is just showing you that screen where you get that dashboard to the office manager where you they can monitor. The reason why those surveys are important demand force has a relationship with a little commonly called Google. To may have heard about them.  Basically no one is ever going to say that if you use a software you’re for sure going to get to the top of the list. When your do that, any of you who have familiar with what is called google local. You’re going to get get a little  map with 10 pins on it .You  are going to have  10 practises listed in the three, their website , their  phone number and you are  going to see reviews. Yes they are a number of companies that can give you reviews. At least for  San Francisco which is where the  Demand Force is based every single one of  those top ten if you click on the number of reviews it’s going to  review from Demand Force . So you are not necessarily guaranteed to get to the top. In our experience the more reviews that you have the more feedback that you have  from  patients  the higher you’re  going to rank with google searches and Demand Force definitely does that and that  including in that $300  per month fee that you are  paying them  besides the confirmation  and all that stuff. This is a great program, recommended for a lot of practise as well.

What about offices that are trying to go chartless and paperless that aren’t going to take my recommendations and look at a program like Maxident? How do you get those signatures into the practise management software? Probably my favourite program out there is Dent Form friend of mine and in the bay area. I’m just going to quickly go through some of their slides. I’m not here to sell you anything or to market anything like that. But the whole premise behind this and that and going chartless makes sense for a lot offices. You are going to save time, you are going to be a lot more effect as well. You are going to reduce the cost. I can’t think of anything that is more time consuming than scanning and charge. When lecture on this topic  people always  say  to me  what’s   your feeling on scanning and   charts and  whit I usually say  as the dentist in the group is that if you have  a staff member that you are  trying to get rid of  and you don’t want to fire them go ahead and give them  the  job of scanning and guaranteed h they  will portably  be gone  within a week . It’s a painful, time consuming job so. If there is a way that you can get all of that stuff electronically before paper. To  me  you are  going to  put  it on  paper and then scan  it in your are pretty much doubling your work  load. It so  way to get  you  digitally from  the get  go  and to me that is always the  best  way of  doing  it .

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