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Really  every chart is different so what I recommend  if you are trying to figure out well how do I go chartless it’s  really not that hard. Go through your chart and take a list of every single system you got there. You’ve got your progress notes, your referral slips and patient in take forms. Less find a digital counterpart for them. I can help you with that, a lot of other people out there that do this for a living. As I said  it  sometimes can be a little bit overwhelming  especially when you are  dealing with some of these companies when they come and  say well if you are going to come in and get  our censors you got to get or practise name and   software  as well if you want to get an integrated solution.  You’re going to find that every system out there has pros and cons. What I normal recommend is that you take it one step at a time. There is always a way to get your image management software to work with your practise management software. We’ve not gotten any two systems that we couldn’t bridge one way or another. So make the decision based on that individual system and not try to do it all at once.

For the dentist on the webinar please involve your staff. Most of you do not have hands on day to day use of the software. They are  the ones who deal with it  every single day  so you are  if you are  going to look at a program like a Maxident,  if  your  are  going to  look at some other third  party program  that I talked about really make sure that the staff are part of that because  you want their  feedback because they hate  it. If they hate it you are just going to be miserable for years and it’s not worth it. Not that the staff should be the one to make the final  decision but they are a critical  part of the  practise and really should  be involve in that whole process as far  as I am concerned. As I said do things in stages. Sometimes it’s going to take a little bit of time. We work with offices all over the country who wants to go digital and get new practise management software and digital camera and all this stuff on day one and can’t figure out why their staff aren’t doing everything by day two. It’s really overwhelming. Do things in stages and everyone will be happy about that. As I said make sure you schedule in some time for this because it’s probably going to take you 12- 18 months to do something like this. So start doing it now, start the process whether it’s calling up a practise management software management company, whether it’s speaking with me or just doing it on your own. It’s available through email, You can got to my website  You can go to Facebook and search for me. You can go to twitter and search for me or you can go to LinkedIn probably about 2000 others. We have a toll free number that you can call if you want to set up a time. As I mentioned early up never charge a fee to talk to someone. If you just want my advice on a censor or practise management software I would never charge anyway. A lot of times it does require you to come into the office to do an in office evaluation. I am more than happy to do that. For new practise that wouldn’t be necessary because you have no building but I am happy to work with offices and if any capacity. We are going to open thing so up for questions right now.

What I’m going to do is give me second here. I’m going to open up my question pane. Start the questions as you think about them. Not a ton of questions yet which is great because usually what happens is people sort of fade more to the end. I’m not sure why. Let just get to the questions here. First, what’s the best standard to get rid of charts and x-ray? That is a really good question because aloft of times we are talking about 2 different scanners. The problem with  a scanner that you are  going to be using  for  film  is that for  most  part  they are pretty slow and they are  really not  designed for speed.  What my usual recommendation is to get 2 different scanners, one for paper, one for using for insurance forms.  One for film.

What do you use for paper?  The one that we normally recommend from paper are form a company called Fujitsu. They have two types of model, they have a lower cost one called the Snap Scan. I think S1500 is the model that i am currently recommend.  Like I said low cost, I’m saying relatively low cost. It’s still $4900 scanner. The probable with the Snap Scan is that it’s not  twain compatible .Twain is an  interface that  so used by  most software  programs  that allows the  to know how to interface with the  hardware . So  what that means is if you want to scan  the document that is not twain compatible you are  going to have to create a  PDF  file  first and then  import that into your  software. That’s fine, it’s an extra step. If you don’t want to do that then you are h probably going to want to get a twain compatible scanner.  Fujitsu has a model called the FI i think it’s the 6130. Now we are talking about $700-$900 scanner but it’s a great scanner for paper.

For film unfortunately your options are much smaller. The reason for that is in order for you to scan a film you are not going to want to take the PA and micro dental and so on. You are going to need something that has a large enough scanning surface and it also has what is called a CPU transparent unit. What that basically means is that there is a scanner or a light source in the lid. Usually when you are looking at X-rays if you want to see them you hold them up to the light and the light coming from behind the x-rays. That not the case with most scanners. Most scanners are like a copy machine where the light source is on the bottom. So a not a lot of great models for film.  The one that we normally recommend is the Epson V750M. They have one they called the V7000 but i heard that one is going to be discontinued.  The V750M is not an inexpensive scanner. About $800- $900 and the other limitation with that particular scanner is that it can only scan to about 10 inches maximum length which is fine for bite wing , which is fine for a  pan  but some  FMX mouths  are going to be a little bit longer  in here. Epson have another module called 10000XL which unfortunately is close to the price of it. You can scan the larger surface one beyond FMXD but that’s about a $3000 scanner. So  to  answer the  question I definitely recommend  getting both types of scanner because that’s  really what we do . I think there may be some questions about Maxident as well. I want to bring Sheryl on here so let me to just switch over to this for a second. Bear with me here.  I’ve got her muted which i am sure she is not opting to be happy about but I’m trying to get her to talk here. Sheryl can you hear me now?

SHERYL: I can.

Dr Lavine:  Perfect you’re great. So thanks for joining us and they are some Maxident questions here so great to have you on here. I’m going to go ahead and open up my questions again. So we got to the scanner questions. Does Egosoft software have all these criteria’s? In the states I’m not sure if Egosoft is available   in Canada or not. I think Egosoft is a very good program. You are going to find as you go through this   process there is a lot of good program out here. My goal is not to say well Maxident   is the only program you should look at and everything else is crap. I think Maxident is a great program… Egosoft has a number of features as well as they are going to  allow you to get close to the chartless and  paperless  but  as I said there is one  of many and I wouldn’t talk someone out of fi it fi they  are  sold on it but   certainly Maxident  is  one that  Would  definitely recommend.

What’s a good software for voice recognition that i can use to do period charting? There is not a lot of good stuff out there. I have been  telling people that  I believe  that  voice activated  software  is probably about  9- 12 months away from really being  state of the  art  and I have been saying that for  7  years .  The probably that I find is that if someone has an accent or if they have a cold that today of course you have to train it. It’s not as effective as i would like ti to be. The one that we have recommend for some offices is one that is called Perioral, its Again I will send the link to this. I believe it’s a web based  charting  which  is  kind of unique but  really nice system  that  is definitely   works  with  cove . That’s probably the only one that  have  seen  some of the practice management  programs  has it  built  in as  well and  I just haven’t found that its  really great  where i want  it to be  quite  yet.

Do you have any experience with Mogo? Yes i have experience with Mogo. I actually take was talking in my office last night. I wasn’t sure they were still in business. We have not heard much about Mogo in the last number of years. We had a number of offices that were on Mogo that used SQL database had a bunch of issues. Unfortunately a lot of users that we were working with jumped ship at that point. I don’t have a lot of current experiences with Mogo. I’ve worked with abou1600 offices over the years and i can count on one hand. That’s not necessarily a knock on them .I don’t know enough about their current software’s and the topic on them.

What are my thoughts on the future of online practise management software systems? I think web based is probably the future of all software. Not sure practise management   software, not just practise management software. We are heading in that direction. I think that you are  going to  find that  a lot  of companies and practise management  software companies are  going to  probably  head in that direction . I’m not sure Sheryl are you guys planning to do anything web based in a little while.

SHERYL: We are. It’s already in the plan. So its web based or computer based.

Dr Lavine:  Perfect. I think is great that you give people multiple options because they are so many practises out there who are living in east picking up a larger [Inaudible] or wherever. They have just no good consistent internet connection so I definitely think that for me is important. Which software for Orsoceptric is easy to use and easy to incorporate into Maxident? Do you guys have any specific software that you recommend Sheryl?

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