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SHERYL: For Ortho?

Dr Lavine:  Yes.

SHERYL: For Ortho contract filling or….

Dr Lavine:  Yes for imaging.

SHERYL: We penetrate orphan. Really any ortho imaging software that we can integrate with but for Ortha contracts and these other thing it’s already build in the software.

Dr Lavine:  Perfect. Thank you for that. I think I have already hint on this. What’s the best way to deal with people, charts and tons of data we have. It would take years to destroy them. It depends a little bit on your practise. Most of the practises that I work with really do not go into their progress notes on a regular basis. Maybe they want  to have the most recent  page of progress note but they the typically going back 5 or 6 years to remember what they did  or what their  progress  notes were. If you do practise like that then you are probably going to want to scan it in. As i said it’s not a fun job. I’ve always thought of great business model. I actually had a company that contacted me a couple of weeks ago.  Wouldn’t  it be great   if  you had  a company that had  like nan RV that went  around to the dental offices and come in on a Friday night and  would scan  all your charts for you over  the weekend, it would be an  hide  speed scanner and  by the time you came in  Monday morning it’s all done. I think you will see more and more companies doing that. What i would typically suggest is to scan in maybe the last page of progress notes. The other thing that you can do is to scan as patients are coming in. You don’t really want to scan an old chart from someone who hasn’t come in two years and you probably won’t see them for another 20 years. So what you can   do is the day before you can see the list of cases coming in and scanning those progress notes that you needed. It really just depends on your practise style. As  I said  you are going  to  find that it’s not just an  official  way to do things and  we’ve  had  people , office mangers tell them I would rather wait and do  something with that  so .

I got a recommendation here on another scanner that’s Xerox262 document. I’ve never even heard of that one so maybe you’ve got that. Thank you Doctor Bush for making that suggestions. Let’s go to the next one here.

Have I used any of the Anode smart pen system such as the deliria X paper or oxy paper? I’ve seen some of the trade shows. I have not used them yet. I think is an interesting concept. I don’t really want to comment on it at this point because i don’t know enough about them intelligently.

I think that purchasing iPad for patients so that they can vibe able to view their history forms prior to signature, do you know if iPad have it?  In Maxident Sheryl, do you guys work with the iPad yet?


Dr Lavine:  Actually where nay practise management software that can do that.  The  problem with an  iPad is that it’s basically like a iPhone on steroids because it  only  works with  applications that are  developed for an  apple  product . In our experience a number of practise management software companies are working on their iPad integration. I’m not even aware of any that have it yet.  Do you have anything else that you want to add Sheryl?

SHERYL: No, other than its coming. It’s been requested. So there is a plug in that apple has provided and that program is looking at integrating.

Dr Lavine:  Right. Ok here’s another question of you because we have one of your user on y here. I have Maxident already, shipped digital x-ray and [Inaudible] like a pen. How heard would it be to convert to completely paper?

SHERYL: Not hard at all. I guess that person can contact me directly.

Dr Lavine:  We have a 3 digital x-ray system with App Tricks but are not happy with the holes in the x-rays. What do you recommend as a replacement that works with App Tricks? There is a lot of good censors out there. One that we have had good luck with is one that is called E2V. Each of these are sold by a company called XDR and a few other companies. Many of you may not have heard of E2V because they in typically don’t sell directly to dentist, they sell it under other labels. So dentist in the past used to call it their image ray eye and Vere Tech used to call it their Accident Censors. Other companies like Mediadent haven’t sold that since. We’ve had really good luck with that one. There is another censor called the Amanda Censor that is available in Canada and the US. They have a brand new censor that is I believe they have one in Canada now called Vistio. It’s still going through FDA approval in the US so it’s not available yet but it has some promise as well. Again the beauty of the App Tricks system is that it works with every censor.  So really the best advice that I can  give you shopping for censors if  you already got the App Tricks software is have the rep come in and plug them in and take  all about  65 minutes of  both  drivers to get working and let your eyes help you to decide. Let them help you to tweak it and make sure that it’s you’re getting the best cost alignment. Have someone come in and if their censor can produce a better image quality then that may be the right cost for you.

If  i did  a start-up what’s  ball park I’m looking at in integrating the  various  technologies that  you have  presented  tonight ? Both initial cost and monthly. Now obviously this depends on number of factors. I can tell you that we work with a lot of start-up practises. The  typical practise that  we worked  with at getting practise management  software ,image  management , digital  x-ray , cameras, computers to grab all the apps, its not  a typical to have a  number  somewhere between  $40 000 kind  $ 55 000 .  That normal. We have some offices that are really going to be on as shoe string budget and that’s fine. We’ve also had large group practises that we’ve worked with that has gone beyond that. Solo practitioner if you budget for $50 000- $60 000 it probably won’t be a shock for you when you get the final deal. Obviously the ongoing monthly fees are going to depend on a number of factors. Whether  you  software  charges  a number of fees, whoever the  IT company is  going to offer  services as far  as maintenance and  networking monitoring and data  back up . All of that  have to  factored  in as well that’s why I would always recommend and  of Couse I am biased about this  but  i would  always  recommend working  with some  type  of technology consultant   that  you could  give you to the penny , here’s what  you are looking at  cost wise, the  initial cost is what you are looking at for a monthly cost  because that’s the way that you want to  go forward with  something like that .

Specific software for paediatric dentistry? Maxident can do mix dentistry cant it Sheryl?


Dr Lavine:  We found that there is not a lot out there that I would say is peso specific software.  We usually find that in most pedantic at least one that we are working with are getting their software in through general practise software and customise it for their patients.

So here’s another one. I recently purchased the Pedi scanner from MicroTech and i use it for dental x-rays. Well that’s great. I appreciate   giving me that feedback. There was a scanner from MicroTech years ago that we used to recommend called the MicroTech I800 and I900. One of the reasons why i loved that scanner is it was really inexpensive. It’s about $300 and the other ones we   are e looking at was   anywhere from $900 to $3000. MicroTech    the   less than North America market, a number of years but one of the attendees told me that they are back. That is another scanner that you can add. It’s called the Medi-Scanner and i will get more information about that as well.

There is another questions for Sheryl. How do your change incorrect default codes in Maxident chart? For ample MOD46 comes up as 2113.

SHERYL: I need to understand how old the charting program is. In the new charting program there is intelligence built not the system so it actually learns the dentistry that you do. If you do need to change a code there is one button called edit. Where you are able to go into there and edit the code. Once you set that it becomes your default all the time. Some are smart enough to reset itself based on the dentistry that your do in the office.

Dr Lavine:   So  if a program adds  features and  you already have a  third  party doing a separate data  base will that a problem? That’s really a challenge in decision. There is no easy answer here.  What  i understand the question to be is let’s  say that  you went out  and bought a third  party program because your current  management  software  didn’t have that feature and all of a sudden that software company now comes  up with  their  own module that’s integrated with  it . The questions is whether or not you should change. The answer is  in a lot  of  cases  I would  always  recommend  that there is  way to recommend it and  that’s  another reason why I am  a fan is that if there is a way to have the module  built  in, incorporated with the  practise management software its always going to be better. You don’t have to deal with bridges and it works fine .It just makes life a lot easier. The question is if you already had that information and third party program how easy will it be for the computer unit to get that stuff into the new module. In most cases it’s not that easy. What we normally suggest offices is just take a cut-off date. Here’s the day we are going to start using the model rather than the third party program. In some cases maybe you say that it can be converted in but in most cases it is not the case.

How many tablets do you recommend?  In most of your offices Sheryl how many tablets would you say to get. I assume they get them upfront and for sure but are people are putting in their operatory as well?

SHERYL: They are. If the dentistry is filling a prescriptions and he is using it to sign the prescription before he prints it or if he is electronically send it to a pharmacy he needs to have that. So the answer is it depends on that. Thetas not an easy answer I guess. But for sure reception. Sometimes you are planning a room and others in the operatory or the dentist office itself that’s always and issue with the prescription.

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