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Dr Lavine:  Ok thank you. Next question, how do you recommend to convert loss and paper chart practise with digital imaging?  I guess it got cut out here but practise management software as well. As i said  i think the first  step  is  choosing the orates e management  software  because we find that pretty much any good practise  management  software  would be  good in that category  can ridge  with any  third  party image  program . So the  important decision here  is  the  practise  management  software and the best  thing that your can  do  is to get them a  copy of your  data , have them do a data  conversion and know  ahead of time what  to expect. Honestly, we have seen this with literally hundreds of offices sometimes the data just can’t be converted well. It’s the old garbage in, garbage out. If you got  data that  is not perfectly clean you are  going to find that it is really a challenge  to get that  clean the way  that you want it to be  so often times we  are recommend that  people  will keep the old  software  running on a   couple of  front desk  computers and as  patients come in you manually put in their name, you manually put in their  balances. Is it a pain in the rear? Yes but within 9 – 12 months you can get the bulk of your patient population in your software. Again if  you can convert it great  that always the first choice but when you do that  test  conversion that’s a way to find out  and  if there is problems what the test  conversations you are  probably going to have  problems with the  final version as well  and  at that point. I would never say don’t get a software just because that company cannot convert your data because it may be problem with the software.

Here’s a question for Sheryl, i don’t think we are balking up to the Maxident. How do we go about that? Is there a fee?

SHERYL: They would call me > that probably the easiest way of doing it. There is a minimal fee because they pay for the space that they use.

Dr Lavine:  We do online back up for a list of our clients as well and we use a data system as well and they don’t give away that space for free. Usually it’s not a major expense.

SHERYL: Well worth it.

Dr Lavine:  How much time would a new office need to get up and running? I work with a lot of practises that hare start up practises and it’s a process. We usually recommend that you start the process a good 2 – 3 months head of time. If you have ETA and when you plan to be in that space working with a practise all the time. Right now there is a good friend  of  mine up in Toronto right now and you ideally want to get  as much  free  time as you can because there is so  much  decision  that you have to make ,  not just the  practise management software , even  just the technology that we talked about  but everything  . The archetypal designs, the plumbing to the electrical. It just takes a long time. You’ve got the permit that has to be use. You have some state and provinces that are a lot better than others and you can get that together. Definitely start as early as you can.

I have medical companies that scan charts that cost very high, they charge per box.  Charts can be scanned in by third party. Our company found out what they do charge an armour. That why i wished that have the funds, the time to do something like this t make it low cost .What if someone can buck of a chart. A buck a chart would be a great idea for a business model.

Why is Debus a problem for Maxident? I can answer that  one because it’s not a problem with Maxident. It’s a problem with App Tricks. Sheryl in Canada can you use Dexus with Maxident scanner?

SHERYL: No and it’s a limitation of Dexus.

Dr Lavine:  Dexus is a very fine censor, please don’t get me   wrong. They are a great  censor .We’ve  got a lot of  people  using the  censor  but it tends to be a relatively i proprietary  system  so it’s  not going to work  with the Maxident software  directly or App Tricks or  pretty much any  third party software . It works really well with their software. It does work with the version of the Mac software in the States only in the military. I’m not sure I’m not sure if you are in the military. If you are not then that’s out of the question then you are out of luck.

We’ve got a couple of comments here. Any recommendations for a reasonable price digital panel? Absolutely, there’s a lot of good ones out there.  Probably my favourite right now j is the company that’s based into the US by 99%. You can get them out in Canada as well. It’s called Panoramic Corporation. What they have done is they have taken some of their used films and occasionally refurbished them and fit them with the censor. So the  image  quality  is as  good as  a  new Machine  because the censor  is  dictating image  quality . They also have get digitized existing pens as you already got that. The thing that I find most attractive about that is the prices. That most of the new digital pens out there are still in the $30 000- $35 000 range. The PC1000 requisite that we installed for a number of practises it comes with everything. The pen , the  computer, the software , shipping , installation , training , warranty , everything  for  $92 000.00 so  it’s a really great bargain . Certainly that my favourite system that we can recommend right now.

Other good ones that are out there. Gender 8500, the Plan Meca Pro 1, the instrument is a great unit. So ones are priced a little bit more but both of those are really good pieces. Any experience with I5 or reporting digital images to form your camera to your computer station. I played around with the I5 for those of you who aren’t familiar with it. Everyone cows with a digital camera you have like a little memory card and the way that you normally get that memory card to the computer is that you would put the mommy card into a reader and then copy that on. It’s basically seen as another hard drive   computer so you copy it over and then bring it to your software.

The I5 is memory card that would wirelessly transmit images right to your computer screen. Two reasons why I would not recommend is that it’s slow. You’re doing Wi-Fi___33 for some large image file. It’s going to be slow. They are probably not aware   of the I5 working with any dental image file. So you are going to have to put on your desktop first and then cut and paste it into the software. I think it’s just adding an extra step. So will not recommend something like that. Who knows what’s going to happen over the next few years.

Here’s another question. The dentist I work for say that all practises have to go paper less within a certain period of time. True there is a deadline. I know a number of you may not be on for the presentation for the first 5 minutes or so. In the US there is a schedule mandate that we need to be chartless or paperless by the end of the year 2014. Will that actually happen anyone can guess?  The reason that i am recommended it is two things. Number one I think insurance companies are probably ought to be the one that dictates what happens. At some point they are going to start taking film and stop taking paper claims.  I also think this is peer pressure. I mean more and more office are paperless and chartless and it’s an efficient standpoint. There a lot of reason to consider going towards a chartless or paperless environment. The reason why I would  be a lot more cautious  to this is if you have  sales  reps that comes in and say  you have to get  digital x rays  , you go to get  it And have to get it by 2014  that’s not 100% accurate. Don’t fall into some of these strong sale pitches.  I don’t necessarily believe in the case.

What’s a good imaging software and a good value for you money.  Certainly the one that Maxident sells with the app tricks software. It pretty much works with anyone out there. There is another one XDR. My god there is so many. I tend to be a  fan  of the  one that Maxident  uses , the  app tricks  , the XDR because  I really like  open ended image software. I think that people should have the ability to pick and choose their   censors, their cameras, their foster plate system, their scanners, their digital cameras and have them all working together.

So that’s why i tend to like those types of programs and that would be my recommendation.  Believe it or not we are out of time and pretty much out of question .We’ve got a few more here. What’s your   recommendation for your number and location of monitors to record in an operator?  I would say  probably  80%-85%  of the offices that we have set up in the  last  number of  years have gone  dual screen , two screens . One for the patient often time coming from the ceiling or a light bulb that   is going to show them images, show them patient education. If you want them to watch a DVD or TV fine. One that is going to be behind the patient. It’s for use by the dentist. I think you can pretty much do everything you want with   2 monitors.

We have more and more offices that we are working with that are going 3 monitors, 4 monitors. Honestly from an IT stand point they are a night mare. The quad carts that are out there that can handle three or four models are not easy to deal it. More often than that we get a call from the office on   regular basis that will say we can’t find out images on our monitor. I text them as say well do if you look on your other monitor’s get really confusing to kind of deal with multiple monitors. I typically recommend 2 monitors. I think that’s definitely fine.

What was the name of the Micro Tech? I think it was called the Media scanner. I am going to do a research on that and when I send the list I should have it on there. If I don’t for whatever reason and I’m going to put it on there to I will get to that. We are done. Sheryl is there anything else that you want to add at this point.

SHERYL: No not at this point.  If they have any questions on Maxi dents, conversion, it might be pricing option they can just give me a call directly. My number is … i don’t know if you are going to provide  that  but my number is 1800 -663-7199 and I’m extension 33 to  get my line direct .

Dr Lavine:  I don’t have that number. Do you want to go ahead and repeat that one more time?

SHERYL: 1800-633-7199 extension 33 or they can just email us at

Dr Lavine:  Ok. The other thing i should just mention to remind everybody as soon as you log out of the webinar you’re going to see a little skin that comes up. if you want me to  contact  youth any  additional question  or  just want to  set  up some time to talk . Again we don’t   change for that. if you definitely  want to hear  form Sheryl , for Maxident  sooner than later just  indicate that  on the  survey as well and  she will be in touch with you shortly . I want to thank everybody for joking. I think we had a great turn out, well over 100 people this evening. Some great question as well. We will send everybody more information about the upcoming webinars. The next one is in about 5 week on the infrastructure which i think is really critical. You can put computer software unless you got computer so that would be a god topic as well. Thank you everyone again for coming and the great questions and we will see you all again shortly.

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