Holistic Dentistry – A Safe way to the perfect smile

The best way to say a thousand words without uttering a word is through smiling. Nothing is ever so beautiful, so inviting and welcoming than a perfect smile. Not only does a warm smile show how happy an individual is, it also shows the state of one’s health. To say the least, most people are now seeking cosmetic dentistry to have pledged that their teeth not only stays white and straight but also keep being decay free. Cosmetic dentistry, it should be noted, is not only about teeth but the protection of gums and indeed the health of the whole body alike. For example, people now know that periodontal diseases are closely related to heart problems and that teeth with bad alignment cause digestive issues. Note that there are a lot of diseases whose roots can easily be traced to other dental problems.

What is holistic dentistry

Also known as biological or natural dentistry. When treating these dental practitioners will consider their patient’s entire body and system including the mind, spirit and lifestyle. Afterward, they will-will strive to enhance the patient’s overall health by developing the most suitable and sustainable treatment program. In doing this, they pay special attention to the patient’s immune system. Whenever there is an alternative way for a diagnosis, like the use of low emission equipment, holistic dentist tends to go for that than to subject their patient to harmful or other extreme x rays. They will also use resin as an alternative to toxic amalgam, which has mercury contents and more often than not provide a service of extracting old amalgam fillings and detoxification of any mercury residue on the cavity.

Holistic Dentistry and Amalgam Fillings

Researched and documented evidence show that amalgam fillings (commonly known as silver filling) pose diverse health risks for all. In particular, individuals who are chemically sensitive. Studies have further shown and proved that such a low content of mercury in this method of dental treatment can affect normal kidney functions or worse, the neurological function of the brain causing cellular degeneration. The condition found in individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. For the mentioned and more, biological dentists are against the use of silver filling as a treatment method. If you’ve ever had your tooth filled with amalgam and you wished to have the remnants of the filling extracted and replaced, it is advisable that you find a holistic dentist who can access other materials naturally compatible with your body and also help you with the process of detoxifying mercury.

Holistic Dentistry and Fluoride

This product is an ingredient in toothpaste and distilled drinking water. Fluoride has been found to be toxic and can be harmful even in the smallest possible doses. Recent research on fluoride has very little in the way of health benefits leading to the flaw on various attempts to incorporate it in water supplies.

There are now increasing holistic dental practitioners and they are important in complementary healthcare. Often times they work with holistic healthcare practitioners. It is important that you be aware of the overwhelming number of holistic dental practitioners and make an informed decision when making your choice. When choosing dentists, it is important to ask relevant questions in regards to your general health and to the dentist’s attitude towards this form of dental care. Any holistic dental practitioner will be more than happy to oblige.

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