Sliding interior doors: When Where and Why?

interior sliding door

Interior sliding door

It may seem difficult to find the right location in your house for sliding doors. More times than not they act as a door to an outdoor space but sliding doors can be very helpful inside your home. They can be multi-functional space savers and at the same time truly update your home.

Closets are a great place to utilize sliding doors. Replacing dated bi-fold closet doors with sliding glass panels will not only reduce the amount of space used by the doors but also update the look of your home. KNR Sliding Doors offers an exclusive feature in their closet doors, a TV! This takes the cake when trying to use every square inch of your home! Many sliding glass panel doors have multiple glass options. Using a frosted glass or obscured glass will keep the items in your closet well hidden from guests in your house while also creating a more open atmosphere to your room.

Another great place for sliding doors is the laundry area. Many houses now do not feature a private room to be used exclusively for laundry. These days the washer and dryer has been added to the master bathroom or in the mudroom off the garage. Instead of searching for another area to place your appliances, just add a sliding door. This will create a private space for the surrounding areas such as your mudroom with wall shelving and storage, while also creating a sound barrier between them and the rest of the home.

One other great place for a sliding interior door is in the kitchen. More specifically, the pantry. A walk in pantry is a great addition to any kitchen. This frees up much of the cabinet space for kitchen tools and necessities while the pantry houses much of the canned and dry goods. Adding a sliding glass door the kitchen pantry will turn an eye sore into a main feature. This is a great place to really focus on the design of the sliding door. Using a frosted glass will look great but replacing that glass door with a wooden paneled door and painting it a soft pastel color will soften the look of your kitchen and make the room feel more complete.

One final idea for sliding interior doors in your home is in your dining room. Open concept homes have removed the traditional dining room from today’s homes. The kitchen flows into the eating area and great room, but sometimes you want that cozy holiday dinner feeling. A sliding interior door between your kitchen and dining room that can be used whenever you feel the need is a great idea. When you have the sliding doors open, the side panels add an architectural touch to your kitchen depending on the style you choose. When you want a more formal dining room atmosphere, close the sliding doors. Its that easy!

All it takes is thinking a little outside the box and you can achieve that touch of design you have been looking for. Adding sliding glass doors in specific areas of your home will not only impress your guests but truly make day to day living in your home that much easier.


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