Stand out from your dental colleagues in New York and offer something new

New York Course Facial MapIn the race to always be at the front, you need to be able to offer something new. This is true whether you are going speed dating or whether you are in business! The application may be slightly different, but the fact remains that if you are like everyone else in your field, then there is absolutely no reason for anyone to search you out, and this can be particularly problematic when you work in a medical industry such as dentistry. Of course you need to follow the same dental standards and medical procedures in order to make sure that your patients are safe and healthy, but that can often put the individual dentist as something of a disadvantage. So how can you stand out from your dental colleagues and offer something new?

Dr Howard Katz, eminent international dentist, is someone who can help. He has created a training course called Dentox that can give any dentist who undertakes it a clear edge over not only their direct competitors, but also over others in the medical industry as a whole. The Dentox training course in New York offers the skills to offer Botox and other dermal fillers to your current and new patients, making you stand out easily amongst a crowd of other dentists, and as many of the skills that are required in order to administer Botox are very similar to the ones used in dentistry, the course takes just one day to complete.

If you’re sick of the rat race in New York then now is the time to do something about it and sign up to secure your place on this training course that could end up being the difference between a new patient choosing you or choosing some other dentist.

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