San Diego Dentistry: Part Science, Part Art

All dentists are trained in the science of dentistry, but the best ones are artists who are concerned about how your teeth look as well. San Diego has an especially high ratio of dentists / population, and so not surprisingly, San Diego Dentists are some of the best in the nation. Any dentist who has been properly trained can clean and repair your teeth, but odds are your San Diego dentist can see beyond the techniques and procedures to help you create a smile you can be proud of.

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Employment Saturation of San Diego Dentists

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Dentists in the United States are required to study chemistry, biology, physics & higher level mathematics. That helps with understanding the science of dentistry. To enter a dental school, a bachelorís degree and strong grade point average is usually required. And of course, a good score on the Dental Admissions Test is a must. Since admission is competitive, not everyone gets in (the San Diego Universities are notoriously hard to get into). Factors like recommendation letters and extracurricular activities may be considered to help ensure that the dental school candidate is a well-rounded person who genuinely cares about people.

Schooling involves completing the curriculum of the dental college, mastering clinical competencies and passing national board exams. In most states, four years of training is required, but some states require more. Once the coursework, clinical work and exams are passed, a dentist is a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). Due to the high level of competition, most dentists in San Diego are also certified in Orthodontics, Periodontics, teeth bleaching, and an array of other auxiliary services.

In many cases, newly graduated dentists also participate in a two-year to six-year specialty residency training program to gain more skills and confidence. Plus, frequent continuing education is required, involving seminars on new developments in the field, best practices and more. Generally, the more continuing education a dentist takes, the better he or she is at treating unusual and complicated cases. Some ongoing education is required of all dentists (and prevalent in San Diego).

Once dentists are trained and established, they can handle most common dental procedures with no problems. These include crowns, bridges and other restorative treatments as well as braces, dentures, root canals, gum disease therapy, extractions, x-rays and the diagnosis of complex dental problems and diseases. Dentists can also handle common oral surgery tasks and prescribe medication including antibiotics, pain killers, fluoride treatments and other pharmaceuticals involving head and neck problems.

Dentists are often also the first line of defense for detecting and referring very serious medical conditions for additional treatment. While many oral diseases go away on their own, some lead to poor overall health. In the same way, bad health leads to dental problems, and a dentist may be the first to detect diabetes, AIDS and blood diseases or malignancies in a patient.

The art of dentistry lends itself to more complex and specialty procedures. The duration and extensiveness of the training depends on the procedures involved, but the best dentists in San Diego and around the nation often spend hours each year learning maxillofacial surgery, dental implants and specific cosmetic procedures like veneers.

Plenty Of Choices In San Diego

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What Are Some Considerations When Selecting A San Diego Dentist?

When choosing a San Diego dentist to support your overall health and enhance your appearance, you first need to select someone you like - and someone who is an experienced professional with the training necessary to serve you well. Your dentist will be your oral health care partner for many years to come. You may wish to consider further refining your search to a holistic dentist. As a rule of thumb, a holistic dentist san diego residents can trust, is usually one who has been practicing this specialty for a many years (before it became a popular marketing tool) - and uses biocompatible dental materials.

To help you choose the right local San Diego practitioner, the following questions should be entertained:

San Diego Dentist Qualification Checklist

  1. Are there convenient office hours for your schedule?
  2. Is their San Diego office close to home, close to work or at least easy to access?
  3. Where was the dentist trained? And how much experience does he or she have?
  4. Will the dentist help me prevent problems as well as solve existing one?
  5. Does the dentist keep up with continuing education workshops and conferences?
  6. Can the San Diego dentist give gas and provide other relaxation along with standard anesthesia?
  7. Is emergency service available from their San Diego practice, or do they have a local San Diego colleague that can respond outside of office hours?
  8. Is fee and payment information provided before treatment? Will the office provide common prices so you check the going rates in San Diego?
  9. Does this particular San Diego dentist accept any health plans you have?
  10. Will you be penalized for missed appointments?

If youíre visiting the dentist in their San Diego location in person; or already having your first appointment, consider these questions:

Key Questions To Help Select Your San Diego Dentist

San Diego: Your Destination For Dentistry

When youíre considering enhancing your look by fixing your teeth, it may be worth traveling a few minutes to reach a prominent dentist in San Diego that you can trust -- a dentist with the education and experience you need for great results.

For restoration procedures including implants, bridges, crowns and veneers, it make sense to use a San Diego dentist, who partners closely with dental labs and master ceramists, and can perform some refinements in an on-site lab.

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